International Summer School “Green Economy and European Integration”

If you want to know what the green/sustainable economy is? Are the public resources enough to build it up? Is the financial market ready to back it? Join us for a 4-day International Summer School! Konrad Adenauer Foundation, University of Bremen, German University of Administrative Sciences (Speyer), European University Viadrina, Scientific Society of KNEU named after V. Hetman, Center for BLENDED VALUE Studies Invite you! International Summer School “Green Economy and European Integration” will take place on August 25-28, 2017,…

Seminar “Economics of Climate Change”

Every year at the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt, Oder) students can take part at the Seminar “Economics of Climate Change” held by Prof., Dr. R. Schwarze under the support of Centre for BLENDED VALUE Studies. This time first presentations were dedicated to the topics of Blended Value creation, Green Financial Policy, Cities Climate Finance, Emission…

On the Eve of the G20 Summit: how the Financiers are going to combat Climate Change

Financial approach to solving non-financial problems. While everyone is waiting for the G20 Summit and trying to guess the intentions and behavior of its participants, the financial world is studying carefully the documents that will be presented to the representatives of the most important countries of the world, international organizations and financial institutions during the…

Energy night in Kyiv!

Kyiv, welcome the highly energised wave which has already passed Kharkiv and Lviv. We charge you with motivation and knowledge on the energy night in Kiev! On the night from July 01 to July 02,  from 8:30 p.m till 6:00 a.m. Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomirska Ave, 5, Arena City, 5th floor, FEDORIV Hub

Financial Decentralisation and Sustainable Development

Thanks to Марина Степура, Oleksandr Dyma, Julia Frese, Lika Kh, Leonie Backebergand other friends for organization of the Seminar “Financial Decentralization and Sustainable Development” which took place on June 8-10, 2017 in Bremen and was dedicated to the role of cities in combating climate change, solving social problems – achieving SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)!!!

Interview 03.06.2017 on the Radio “Voice of the Capital”

What is written down in the Paris Climate Agreement and why is this agreement so important? What is the role of the United States in the implementation of the Paris climate agreement and what are consequences from the withdrawal of US from it? Who is the leader in the GHG emissions?